After Conducting Repatriation Missions, Eastern Airlines Selects Hotel Connections

MIAMI, FL JULY 23, 2020 - Earlier this year, the world watched as the Covid-19 pandemic began affecting all areas of the economy and business. Especially affected has been the aviation industry with many airlines looking for opportunities to pivot their scheduled services to operations that instead aid in the global need for daily necessities and essential travel. 

Notably, Eastern Airlines answered the call from the US government, assisting to date with the repatriation of over 24,000 Americans located in South America and other parts of the world. Eastern quickly turned to Hotel Connections to manage the crew logistics for their operations because of Hotel Connection’s flexibility and ability to integrate with the company’s new flight management system, Skedflex by eTT.

“We decided to partner with Hotel Connections for their cutting-edge solutions for automating crew logistics and accommodations,” said Jyri Strandman, VP of Flight Operations at Eastern Airlines. “Hotel Connections has been added to the Company’s portfolio of service providers as they can quickly provide hotel and transportation services in various challenging parts of the world. We are excited to work with them and look forward to further integrating automation into our operations platforms.”








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