Enabling A Proactive Customer Service Mindset

Learn how Hotel Connections uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to process IROP reservations in real time with industry leading business intelligence.

Through intelligent booking applications, agents are given full visibility into market conditions and room demand to make data-driven decisions through  a virtual and agent monitored quality control queue.

The HC suite of intelligent applications provide continually automated handling of real-time changes including but not limited to: name changes, ADHOC rooms, layover extensions, cancellations, and alike requirements. Our customers now are able to enjoy the benefits of direct connections with suppliers via our proprietary applications which offer industry leading processing, access to all of the global hotel groups, and ultimately a one-to-many model.

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"Artificial Intelligence (AI) at Hotel Connections has become a big part of our vision, our technology stack, and our service-based components.

When we talk about artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing, it's communication tools of gathering information, key data analytics, and key scenarios to bridge that gap of how we can automate or how when an agent needs to interact, how it can efficiently provide them information that's key and specific to that particular client.

Using complex business logic and rules within our engines and then funneling that through artificial intelligence and algorithms that understand the emotions and needs of that particular event. It allows us to again communicate information seamlessly to our agents to make them proactive versus reactive and ultimately focus on putting a head in a bed much quicker, much more efficiently and within the rules, regulations and expectations of the airline."

Behind the Bio:

Name: Chris Holdsworth

Home Base: Scottsdale, AZ

Favorite Travel Destinations: Maui, Hawaii; England, U.K.



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With modern CLM solutions, AI automates the majority of traditional workflows and empowers agents to handle the remainder with intelligent decisioning

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  • Crew Logistics Management
  • Proactive vs. Reactive Mindset
  • Real Time Decision Making

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